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Before I go into talking about the future, actions, and coming products, I need to focus my gratitude to all customers trusting us, placing orders, and being patient waiting for their delivery. Thank you to all visitors following us and giving us incredible attention since we started. It has been an exciting year for us. We have met many very nice people in the three shows we have attended.

In May we visited the German Fetish Fair, which was a new experience for us, but very fun. We enjoyed the show a lot and made contact with new people. In October we visited the Erotic World in Copenhagen and again we met very nice people saying very nice words to us about our collars. In November we attended the passion show in Hamburg and like the other previous shows, we enjoyed talking to all the nice people stopping by.

Since August, when our webshop was launched until now, twenty-two different versions of collars have been made in three different materials. It has been a difficult and exhausting task for the workshop and us to make all these programs and qualifications of the different models. We are now mostly through with these versions, but many customers ask for larger sizes, which will be made in the future. It is a relief for us that we now keep common sizes in stock for short delivery time. This is also necessary to be able to focus on new products, which will be launched during the year. An estimation is that 70% of the collars sold are for male necks, which is interesting when we so far only showed female models wearing our collars. At the same time, when writing this text our first a male model is shooting with our collars and we are very much looking forward to showing his work.


After just coming through with these versions of collars we will begin working on the shackles for wrists and ankles and hope to release these series during spring 2020. Again, we will face longer delivery times while the workshop will make the necessary programs for the CNC machines. We need to learn and take it slow to find out the optimal design fitting the human body. The shackles must be comfortable and to get the exclusive feeling, they need to fit well. The target is that customers should feel the shackles are made just for them. We will of course again take advantage of the possibilities using a CNC machine and make the forms close to the form of the wrist and ankle. The wrist is more rectangular, and the ankles are mode elliptic. This will be shown in the design.


Comparing the steel version of collars to aluminum, the weight is about half for the aluminum collar. The parts inside the locking mechanism are stainless steel 316L even if it is a collar made of aluminum. This will also be the case when working with titanium. The weight of titanium is about the same weight as the collar in aluminum, but the color is a bit grey compared to the stainless-steel collar. However, the look is more in the direction of steel, but the weight of aluminum. The titanium series will be made in the 40mm series and the prices will be just above the bronze collar.

We are looking forward to releasing these new products as soon as possible. It will be very exciting to see the titanium collars and hold them in our hands. Shackles will of course also be of great interest. As said above, we will release these step by step so that we can figure out the best possible geometry for the human body.

Thank you again for all your support and we hope to hear from you many times again!

6 replies on “UNTIL NOW & THE FUTURE”

  • I love the collar and wanted to ask whether you were going to design other products as well. Thank you for answering in advance, I’m looking forward to it!

    • Hi Jesse! Thank you very much for your interest and your review! Yes, we are going to make new products as well in the same design. Last week, we released a post about the future. Shackles are designed. Prototypes are about to be made, but the workshop has been too busy making the orders right now. I soon as we have a gap, we will make and present the new products! We are very much looking forward to that!

  • Please also consider a closure that can be sewn into or attached to the lacing flanges of corsets. And definitely continue with your work on shackles and collars. Another suggestion is to make a set with a theme such as thinner and tapered edge, or matching wedding ring with collar and shackle design?

  • I was wondering if a narrower version of any of your collars was planned, as a narrow one would be perfect for wearing 24/7! I love the look of your designs, and it would be great if there was a version that I could feasibly wear all the time and never have to take off!

  • Hello I am a trans woman in the US. I want one of your collars, but unsure about fit and type. I would like to ware it all the time. I love the black and gold look it really stands out. How can I order the right size? Would it be good to get fitted with anther collar then pass that size on to you nice people?

    • Hi Sindee! 
      Thank you for contacting us! The black collar with a bronze plate is very beautiful. Yes, I agree! Regarding the size, we like to help you. After placing an order, you always get a message from us where we state that we like to confirm the size you have chosen. When you get the message, you can respond with a picture of where you take the measurement. When we get the message, we will use our experience to either confirm the size you have chosen or recommend a change. You can of course always send us a message even before you place an order and discuss the size with us. a picture where you take the measurement is always a good start though.
      Looking forward to hearing from you!

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