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When starting Swedish Collar I had the idea to develop a product where I could use the best out of the good people and companies close to me. I wanted to use my long experience within product development to form a product into perfection backed up by workshops and innovative people supporting good quality. From my experience as an engineer within product development, I know products can be far too complicated when they should have stayed simple. The trick is to make the smart and advanced products look simple and that is what I believe I have succeeded in designing the Swedish Collar.

Developing Swedish Collar meant choosing the right material, production method and special tools used in the machines producing the parts. The materials used to make the collars are stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze. All parts are made in CNC machines, starting from a solid rectangular formed part. The machine is cutting out the part for the collar step by step by the help of the machine and well-made software programs. At the end of the cutting process, specially designed tools are used to form the last touch, which also makes the collar get the exclusive look and for the bearer to get the genuine feeling of luxury. 

No parts are left untouched. The ring and the loop are also made in the same materials and also made in the same machines. When parts are finished in the machines, they are examined before the assembly can start. The springs and screws used assembling the collars are made of stainless steel to keep the collar “long last” and functions to work in most conditions. The screws are all fixed using thread locking glue not to be unscrewed and lose the function.

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