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The trip designing a collar started already five years before today’s release. The collar released today does not look anything like the draft made five years ago, but that is development. As with most product development, there must be a start. One idea leads to the next and on the way there has been a lot to learn that I had no idea I would get myself into.

On the way of designing the collars, I have learned about material alloys, material treatments, tolerances for five-axis CNC machines, designing special cutting tools for CNC machines and a lot more. Only the design work has given me so much fun in the return.
Every program for the CNC machines is an investment for Swedish Collar. To make the programs and the design correct from the start, our 3D-printer from Prusa has helped me a lot. Making all sizes for the collars and other parts in the 3D-printer speeds up the process for product development dramatically and saves cost for making mistakes far later. I am very happy with the 3D-printer from Prusa and I can very much recommend this to anyone making the design work or just to have fun.

Forming the collar to what it is today has been a great journey. Getting help from good people around me made the iteration move forward. What I could not imagine being possible became possible talking to people and let them help me. I could imagine myself designing special tools for CNC machines, but not it is made to get the correct form for the collars. Also, the surface treatment for aluminum became a nice surprise as the polishing method for stainless steel and bronze.

Jewelry design is something I never could imagine myself doing, but here I am and it is great. The boost was really to tell people about my product and show the final product in the end. Getting the enormous positive feedback from people I have met. To see someone wear my collar design is a thrill and enormous ego boost. It is difficult to explain the joy I feel when I see people like what they put on. I am very humble and happy to that feeling. Thank you all for giving me that feeling!

11 replies on “CREATING MY OWN DESIGN”

  • It’s an fantastic idea to make such nice collars even without keys. I like that pretty much and can’t wait till I get mine.

  • You’ve earned every single compliment, wee done!
    I’ver never seen such a high quality, perfect yet simple and intriguing product.
    Keep on going. 🙂

    • Celene, thank you very much for your kind words! I am very happy to read your comments and see you also wearing a collar from us. Working with you and all kind people out there makes me want to continue this business and develop further! Take care and hope to meet you soon again!

  • I had the honor to try one on, it is simply an amazing experience to lock it on and wear it. Heavy but smooth! You won’t forget you are wearing it!
    Incredible engineering and design x

  • A small question about the bronze collars (my choice between steel and bronze is not done yet). You mentioned that the bronze you use is a “marine quality” composition, that will not corrode. Does it mean that there is no green trace on the skin at all? You might say that if I cannot choose, I just have to buy one in steel and one in bronze :-)… hmm that would be too painful for the wallet, unfortunately!

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