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I touched her so many times before, but this time it was different. My hands were shaking as my exciting fingers touched her naked skin like it was the first time. 

My fingers felt her warm skin as I was gently and barely touching her. I placed my hand on her shoulder and felt the energy from us throughout my body. I got such a strong feeling of being really close to her and she to me.

She approached in front of me sitting on her knees, hands locked behind her back. As I came closer to her, I felt such a responsibility to honor her beautiful body.

She surprised me wearing this genuine collar enlacing her beautiful, vulnerable neck. Her hair was tied up in a high tail exposing the shiny exclusive collar that strengthens the sensitive moment. Her shoulders were pushed back exposing her chest as her head was held straight and proud. She was so beautiful.

Her eyes were fixed on the floor in front of us as she was waiting for me to make the next move. I sensed her breath and my chest revealed my heart beating heavily. My body felt warm and nervous as I leaned closer to her, smelling her. She gave herself unconditionally to me as she wanted to show me the trust she felt for us. I felt so honored having her as mine as I desperately wanted to return the feeling to her. 

I love her so much.

A close friend looked at me with a skeptic expression when I first told him about making an erotic collar. “The ring,” he said and took a step back. “Do you really need the ring there on the collar” he continued. As an answer to his reaction, I wrote him the text above explaining what a collar is to me.

Your thoughts

The web site “Swedish Collar” has now been alive for almost two months and sales have been made in small portions since the beginning of 2019. I am overwhelmed about the attention we got so far introducing my design of an erotic collar. Not only are we filled with wonder that it was actually possible to make something that attracts people, but also the genuine response we have got in all the email to us from people, who want to reveal to us what a collar means to them.

We like to share some of the thoughts here below that we got in our communications with people kindly writing to us. In the end, we encourage you all to get a feeling reading this to comment on the thoughts and tell us your story.

The collar is enlacing the most vulnerable part of our body. Either you do not like it at all or you just love it, but there is a strong feeling wearing a collar capturing the sensitive neck. The piece of jewelry feels close around the neck and when the collar gets a good fit and also the moderate weight makes the body want to surrender to the feeling. The most revealing comment I got is the feeling from a “genuine long hug that never ends”.

Getting a positive feeling from the collar in an erotic moment is mostly explained in the comments I get from people. The feelings are explained both by people wearing the collar and from people being next to the person wearing the collar. The thoughts are more gentle than I could have ever expected. Especially, when having pictures from the web in my mind.

People tell me about the beautiful act of “giving” something to a person they love or receiving for that matter. People tell me about the “next level “ in their relationship explaining the love or showing reverence for each other. It is suddenly easy, or even possible, to be naked in front of your partner. The collar allows you to play the mind game that excites the brain and let go of boundaries holding them back. The beautiful act of giving also calls for a receiver, who gets a great deal of responsibility performing the role. It is not an easy task to be the receiver always being sensitive to your partner’s response to your acts.

The mind game going on is fascinating and can be very strong between two partners coming very close in a relationship. The giving and taking do not at all need to be a fixed lifestyle to be appreciated in a relationship. It can easily go both ways as well, even if most people likely are more comfortable in one of the roles.

I get the explanations of a mind game going on and the collar helps people playing this mind game fully getting a genuine collar supporting the erotic moment. The genuinely is important for most getting to that special feeling and excite the mind. It must be real to feel real!

Getting the exclusive collar with the correct size and a proper locking mechanism, which is easy to operate, makes the mind focus on the moment and not to lose the built-up feeling. I get the words explaining about using tools in erotic moments and how the moments are killed when the tools do not work easily. The locking mechanism is important for the genuine and proper feeling of being “owned” or being the “owner”, but the locking mechanism must be easy to operate.

Not to neglect or forget is, of course, to wear the collar as beautiful jewelry. With or without the ring, the collar is beautiful together with an evening dress. Either the solid bronze, stainless steel, or the frosted black aluminum are all elegant in combination with a good outfit and will catch eyes on all occasions.


Now we are interested to read your thoughts about the text above. We already get comments via email, which we appreciate a lot. We would like to know more and read more about “what a collar is to you”. Please, let us know!

11 replies on “MAGIC COLLAR”

  • Hi,
    These collars look fabulous, but would it be possible to post a video of how the magnet lock system operates?
    I think it would really help people understand, and ultimately feel more comfortable with, this pretty ingenious locking mechanism.


    • Andy, thank you for your kind words about my collar design! Yes, you might be right. I will present the locking mechanism better. So far I can tell you that there is only one spring involved in the locking mechanism and only one moving component. Comparing this to a standard pad-lock, which has got about 14 moving parts and 7 springs. I believe the collar is very reliable even though nothing is 100%. As long as the locking mechanism is not damaged, I can not see how it will fail.

  • In my eyes collars are the ultimate erotic jewellery. For me it has to be on a girl. But not any girl. A girl that choses to wear it for me. Not as an offer to make me happy – or worse – get my money – but because she loves it and the meaning of it. That she trust me to lock it around a very visible and vulnerable part of her body. Her choice to let me do it – my choice is for how long it stay.
    You has then carved my dream collars out of a massive metal piece – using your brain and imagination – helped a litlle by some cnc gear.

    And i got a chance to shoot your wonderfull creation on Kate – thanks to you for that – and of cause to Kate.
    Later this week i will make another attempt to capture the beauty in this piece of art by capturing another beautiful girl – first in the collar – then with my lens.

    • Hey Alex, Be thanked to make me discover that site! That is, I saw your pictures on flickr and asked. I agree that collars in general look best on ladies. However I am a man and have worn collars, and I can tell that I adore this feeling… hard and unforgiving, yet smooth and beautiful! The collars from Swedish collar are particularly beautiful, and they look so much like a single ring of metal. They make me “salivate”, and I understand the rather high prices. I might decide to go for one…

      • Dear atmugh, Thank you very much for your input! We have put lots of effort into making the collar feel genuine! It makes it easier to reveal the feeling you talk about. The collars are for both men and women and to tell the truth now selling the collars for a few months, we sell more collars for men than for women. Although it is difficult to find male models. I am looking forward to read more from you all!

  • Fantastic! If you don’t mind me asking, when can we expect _matching_ hand and leg cuffs? Those are the missing pieces of this very, very aesthetic puzzle!

    • Daniel, we have the design ready for wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. So far we have had much to do delivering the collars we have in order. As soon we have built up a stock and we have a free slot in the machines, we will make the first prototypes for cuffs. We hope to present them soon. I expect the collars to be easy compared to the cuffs, but let us see. We are looking forward presenting the cuffs soon!

  • Hello.

    I was interested in knowing if you could create a larger circumference collar. My neck measures 19.5 inches and your largest collar is too small.

    • Dear Chris! Thank you for your interest in our collars! Yes, I can of course make larger collars as well. 19.5″ is about 495mm. You are not the only one asking, so I will definitely look into this! Please, check back again to see how this develops.

  • Hi. I am a male switch. My wife and I ritually place collars on each other. We both enjoy the feeling and meaning behind them. Although we have an assortment we use, your designs stand alone. I do have to agree with another “poster” that the locking mechanism remains a mystery and we personally like very secure locking devises. That being said, I love the fact that the size and style can be personalized, not to mention they are a work of art!
    Hope to purchase a couple in the future.

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