40mm Cuffs Aluminum

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When choosing your favourite wrist cuff, you have the possibility to combine the bracelet parts of the cuffs with a locking plate. The bracelet parts are made in black anodized aluminium. You can choose to combine it with a locking plate and ring in one of the following materials: stainless steel, bronze, or aluminium.

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The wrist cuffs in aluminium are made in quality 6082. The aluminium is a light material and the surface treatment feels soft and warm to the skin. The aluminium is anodized to become black, and sandblasted before and after the anodization and that is the reason for the fantastic warm, soft surface on the parts.

The human wrist is not round but more rectangular. The wrist cuffs from Swedish Collar and made to fit the human wrist with a snug fit. All parts are made in the high precision CNC machine with high tolerances and should capsule the wrist beautifully. The outside of the cuffs has got the familiar curvature, the same as the collars, to get the exclusive feeling of luxury. Also, the locking plate forms the same curvature. The locking mechanism is totally hidden, which gives the owner a feeling of mystery

Holding or wearing a pair of wrist cuffs will give you a genuine and robust feeling. With or without the ring on the locking plate, this exclusive erotic jewellery is also excellent as a fashionable bracelet. BE AWARE that the black locking plate together with the ring will eventually give marks on the plate. For play, it is recommended to use the stainless steel plate with stainless steel ring.

All parts inside the cuffs are made of corrosion-free materials like springs and screws.

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Wrist Circumference

152mm, 158mm, 164mm, 171mm, 178mm, 185mm, 192mm, 200mm, 208mm, 216mm

Plate Loop & Ring

Aluminium, Bronze, Stainless Steel

40mm Cuffs Aluminum

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