40mm Black Aluminum

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The black aluminum collar has got a soft beautiful surface all the way around. Choose your favorite plate, loop and ring material to it.

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The black aluminium collar has got a soft beautiful surface all the way around. The ring parts are made from one big piece of aluminium and carefully formed to perfection by a high-precision CNC machine. The collar is sandblasted before the black anodized colour is put on. Fingerprints will not attach to this soft surface. The material is corrosion-resistant and about half the weight compared to stainless steel or bronze material.

All parts inside the collar are also made of corrosion-free materials like springs and screws. To get a comfortable tight fit and great feeling, the collar is made elliptic. The collar will give space for the “Adam’s apple” and give the bearer the feeling of a tight warm hug.

The outside of the collar has got a beautiful curvature to get the exclusive feeling of luxury. Also, the locking plate forms the same curvature and matches the ring parts beautifully.

The combination of collar material, the locking plate, the loop and the ring can be your own choice. Choose between stainless steel, black aluminium and solid bronze. BE AWARE that the combination of “all in black” can be sensitive. It is definitely a beautiful combination, but the black ring can get marks on the locking plate whereas the white aluminium can get through as marks. If the collar is used for “play”, the stainless steel front or the solid bronze front might be a better choice than the “all in black”.

The “All in black” without a ring is a very beautiful collar and then you can avoid marks on the plate.

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Neck Circumference

299mm, 314mm, 322mm, 330mm, 346mm, 362mm, 377mm, 393mm, 409mm, 424mm, 440mm, 456mm, 472mm, 488mm

Plate Loop & Ring

Aluminium, Bronze, Stainless Steel

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40mm Black Aluminum

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