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I’m Tony Klintasp, a photographer based in Grycksbo, Dalarna with a focus on portraiture, fashion, and advertising. I have a studio in Grycksbo where I photograph business customers, private individuals, and my own projects. Retouching is a big part of my business that I do in addition to my photography assignments.

Jens Reckewerth

I love Photos! There is no better way to describe me! I don’t know of any place in the world or subject where my trigger wouldn’t work…

I love black & white! Yes, that’s the way it is, but I also really like conjuring up something great in color….

My photographic “home” is in Bremen, since 1970… Nevertheless, I like to travel and Mallorca has become my “second home”.

Photography is my biggest and most passionate hobby!

If you would like to have photos taken of you or other things/motifs in my style (or someone else’s), please get in touch.