Most frequently asked questions

Shopping Basics

The standard shipping method is with DHL. The shipping cost added when placing an order is a contribution to the shipping costs. The total cost for the shipping is not covered by the customer.

You can read about our policy under the headline “policy”. In short, you can change the size or model of the product, there is no complete refund! When receiving the product, you should carefully try it on decide if it is the correct size for you. You are always very welcome to contact us to get our opinion, It is even better if you contact us before you place the order or just after placing the order. We will guide you to the best possible fit.

When you return the product for an exchange, the product must have no marks and be in a “like new” condition.

Yes!! Of ourse! Our products exsist all over the world today. When use DHL and UPS for shipping.

Eu-customers pay their local VAT for your country. Customers outside EU pay VAT-free.

When you register your address in our shop, the prices will change to your local prices. The shipping cost will also change after you register your address.

More and more customers ask if they can buy extra locking plates for their products. Yes, it is possible!

Today it is very easy to change the locking plates on the cuffs. There are two screws to release and then you can change the locking plate yourself. It can be nice to have plates with a ring and plates without a ring.

There are two revisions of the collar out. It is possible to change plates on both revisions, but it is only recommended from us to do this on the second revision. Today we still deliver the first revision on some models and this is the reason we have not released the extra plates in the shop just yet.

If you want to buy extra plates for your product, please send us an email and we will help create the order for you. It is recommended that you buy the extra plates together with the product. We can then verify that everything fits together before the delivery.

  • One extra plate without a ring for the collar/cuff is normally 170€ (excl VAT)
  • One extra plate with a ring for the collar/cuff is normally 220€ (excl VAT)


We accept most payment methods. The easiest way is to use your VISA or MasterCARD. PAYPAL is also very easy to use. All the alternatives for paying will show up in the shop when you are ready to pay for the order.

Yes, but it is difficult to know all payment methods around the world. If you have got any hesitation about the payment methods, please send us an email and we will solve it together.

All options for payment will show up when you are ready to pay for your order.

Sales tax or VAT will be added to all EU customers. Customers outside EU will not pay any sales tax (VAT-free).

As soon as you register your address in our shop, the prices will change to your country. EU-customers will pay their local (country) tax.

Shipping & Returns

According to the policy, you will not get a complete refund when returning your order. Please, send us an email and explain the situation. I am sure we can solve this is a good way.

According to the policy you can change the size or model if you pay for the shipping costs. The shipping cost both ways is normally 70€. This does not cover the complete shipping costs, but is a contribution for the costs.

We do not refund an order completely. This is something we need to discuss. If there is a refund, the time to get the money back depends on the payment method. Normally it should not take longer than 2 days.

According to the policy, you can always cancel your order before it is shipped to you. Please, contact us by email in this case or just reply to the order confirmation. Explain the situation to us and we will solve this together.

We love to assist you and make sure you get the best experience with our products. You should contact us by email and explain what you need help with. Normally, customers need help deciding what size they should buy. Many customers send us pictures when they take the measurement and this is what we recommend. Some customers use the inch measurement and others the mm measurement. When we get the picture, we can confirm or recommend you to change the size of the products. Please, also let us know if you like a tight fit or not.

Some people have a dominant adam´s apple and some do not. Some customers have got tall necks and others have short necks. We do have products for everyone and it is important for us that you feel happy and comfortable wearing our products!


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