Swedish Collar

Uncompromising, Precision Made Jewellery

Inspired by Bauhaus designs, invented for self-expression.

Your perfect accessory

Made with quality in mind, with the perfect fit for all neck sizes.

Restrictive & Fashionable

Restrictive in the best way possible with style for any fashion outfit.

The Swedish Collar is designed to give the owner a luxurious and exclusive feeling, with its lavish design fitting the neck and enhancing the appearance of those close to it. The curvature of the collar and locking plate adds to the sense of luxury.

All components of the collars are corrosion-resistant, made of materials such as stainless steel or surgical steel (316L) for the stainless steel collar, and corrosion-resistant aluminum with a beautiful black finish for the aluminum collar.

The collar features a convenient, tool-less locking mechanism that can be easily opened and closed with a magnet. The locking plate is spring-loaded and can be released with a light push and the use of the magnet.

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Clean design, flawless locking mechanism, greatest materials